PhotoPea Project

Add Descriptive Text to a Photo

Have you ever wanted to label a photograph with all the names of those in the photograph? In the photo to the right, there are 5 people. There are different options you could do to make sure that this photo is labeled for future posterity to know who they are.

Option #1


You could just place ALL the names into the photograph's filename, but that makes for a LONG filename!

Option #2


You could place digital "text" across the bottom of the photo such as in the photo above. Often because of many different shades of colors, the text doesn't show well and you are altering the appearance of the photo, should you want to reuse the photo for some other purpose in the future.

Option #3 - Best Option


Add an additional "white space" onto the bottom of the photo for the text and leave the photo alone. This does not resize nor destroy the photo for the future. It increases the "canvas" size on which the photo sits. We'll show you how this is done.

Many think of a photo as "one dimension". Imagine a digital image sitting on top of a "canvas" just like the paint of a portrait sits on top of a canvas. With digital images, we can increase the size of the canvas without changing the size of the digital image. The extra canvas space allows us to add additional digital objects to the overall "photo", like a text box.