Video Project

Upload a Family Video Clip to

Uploading a short video clip to is actually quite easy to do. You just need to have a Google account.

Step #1 - Studio Dashboard

  • Sign into YouTube Studio using your Google account. A similar appearing webpage will be shown.
  • Don't worry about any of the tabs, sections, etc on this page at this point.
  • Notice In the center of the page the "Upload Videos" link (in the red rectangle). Click on the blue link.

Step #2 - Upload Video

  • In this new page, you can either drag and drop your video clip OR click the "Select Files" button, find your video file and then click "Okay"

Step #3 - Setting the Video Properties

  • There are only a few settings that you need to worry about on this page:
  • Provide a title for your video clip. This is required.
  • This is an optional field, but a description of your video clip is helpful for others to know the contents of the clip. It could be something as simple as "Grandpa John McBride's birthday party in July 1963."
  • Near the bottom of the image, in the "Audience" section, you need to select whether for kids or not. Select "No", otherwise you will have a variety of other other requirements you don't want to have.
  • On the right middle side of the page you will need to set the "Visibility" for your video clip. Set it as "Unlisted". Setting as "Private" means that you have to specify which people can view the video. "Unlisted" means the video won't be availabe to the Public, but allows you to create that video share link.

     You have successfully uploaded a video clip to The share link that is provided can be copied and shared with anyone that you wish to see your video clip.

Have Fun Sharing Your Video Clips With Others!